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Port Aransas Crabbing

Crabbing - Port Aransas, Texas

Port Aransas, Texas is a fun island getaway for families to enjoy the beach, sun and a wide variety of exciting activities. The abundant wildlife, tranquil beaches and gentle breezes make this location a perfect vacation destination. There truly is something for all tastes. However, one of the biggest attractions is fishing and crabbing. In fact, Port Aransas crabbing is known as being among the best in the world. Here we will take a closer look at crabbing techniques and terminology.

Crabs can be harvested through a variety of different methods. The recreational crabber might use something as simple as a piece of bait which is tied to a string; on the other hand commercial crabbers will utilize crab pots and trotlines. The first step however is learning about different types of bait.

Visitors who are taking up crabbing for the first time, or are just occasional crabbers, will quite often use chicken necks as bait. This is considered as scrap and is very durable, plus crabs seem to really love them! The commercial fishermen will prefer using a variety of oily bait fish and eel. Many also use frozen fish as it has a tendency to break down quicker than fresh and will attract even more crabs.

The serious Port Aransas crabbing professional will have a variety of items and gear. In order to scoop up the stray crabs a strong net is essential. To store all the caught crabs, the fishermen will also need a good container as these are normally bought and sold by the bushel. Most will also have a pair of thick crabbing gloves for protection.

Those visiting Port Aransas to learn about crabbing will soon learn the most important piece of equipment is the crab pot. This device is probably the most common way around the world for caching and harvesting crabs. The trap is a large square cage that's constructed from galvanized chicken wire. It has two internal chambers and consists of several funnels that allow crabs to enter but not exit.

Anyone familiar with Port Aransas crabbing will be well familiar with these contraptions. Crabs will smell the bait and enter through one of the openings becoming trapped. Typically, there are several smaller exits so that small crabs can escape while the big ones are retained.

For those wanting a very simple method of crabbing, the hand line and dip net is the easiest technique for recreational crabbers. The bait, along with a weight, is tied to the line and then lowered towards the bottom. The crabber will feel a light tugging of the feeding crab and will gently pull the line in. Once the crab is visible below the surface, it's quickly scooped up with a net. This technique is very inexpensive, and is a low-tech method of catching crabs. It's something the entire family can do together and have fun!

When your Port Aransas crabbing adventure is over for the day, you'll find a wide range of restaurants offering fresh seafood and other delicious food items for every taste. Guests can then experience a truly breathtaking sunset before retiring to one of the islands many comfortable lodging options.

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