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Port Aransas Fishing Report

Fishing Report - Port Aransas, Texas

Port Aransas, Texas is located right on the Gulf of Mexico close to Corpus Christi. One of the biggest reasons the island attracts so many visitors is because of the many fishing opportunities available. Whether you are a beginner or highly skilled, you can catch fish here all year round. There are numerous charters and guides to help out. They can supply everything necessary to have a fun filled fishing excursion from the boat rental to providing the latest Port Aransas fishing report.

There are several types of fishing to be enjoyed in Port Aransas. Probably the easiest is simply wading or surf fishing, and this is an ideal way to catch speckled trout. Usually the best time is going to be after sunrise yet before noon. The fisherman should take some precautions when wading through the water as stingrays have been known to frequent shallow water. Most people will wear leg guards as they wade for protection.

After getting the latest Port Aransas fishing report in hand, you may want to try your luck at surf fishing. The main difference is that instead of actually being in the water, the fisherman is on the beach. As a general rule a long rod is used for long-range casting using heavy bait. However, some prefer to use a shorter rod and carry the bait out while in a kayak.

Fishing in the bay can be a little tricky as the base floor often is quite sandy. It can also range from being very shallow to extremely deep. For those who have never done this type of fishing and do not know their way around, it's highly recommended to use a professional guide. The big advantage is that these professionals know techniques which can increase your odds of making many more catches!

Many people love catching redfish and this typically occurs along shorelines near grassy areas. This is where you are most likely to find redfish feeding on crab. Some of the best catches are made in waters which are less than three feet deep, and it's not that uncommon to see their tails sticking out from the surface in these shallow waters. Again, armed with the latest Port Aransas fishing report and an experienced guide, you will increase your chances of a successful day substantially.

However, it should be mentioned that the most popular type of fishing excursion is going to be offshore. This is a very exciting way of fishing as fishermen never know what they are going to catch. Everything from mackerel, tarpon, tuna, shark, snapper, kingfish and Spanish mackerel as a few examples might end up being the catch of the day. The only downside would be that this type of fishing is somewhat more expensive however there is nothing in the world which can match the excitement level!

There are several things necessary for a successful offshore fishing expedition. The first is chartering a boat, and the most popular are private charters. The second is an experienced fishing guide who has vast knowledge and experience on all types of fish in the area. The third of course is the latest Port Aransas fishing report in order to narrow down the areas where fish are most likely biting.

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