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Port Aransas Surf Cams

Surf Cams - Port Aransas, Texas

When you think about surfing locations Texas normally would not be the first state to come to mind. The coast of the gulf is home to many beautiful sandy beaches, and from time to time plentiful surfing for all abilities. Known for its fishing and leisurely beach atmosphere Port Aransas normally is the home to a calm swell that caters to long board surfing. During the storm season large swell is not unheard of in the area; sometimes it can even reach overhead in some areas. If you're trying to learn or take your first lesson many of the local board shops offer great deals on both boards, rentals, or lessons.

The break can vary from left to right depending on where you're surfing. Most of the time the waves are gentle and slow rolling. The local jetties and piers provide protection from winds that can ruin the build of the waves. One of the most popular spots you can find great surf is at the Horace Caldwell Pier. This spot features areas for surfing on both sides of the pier, it is a sandbar break so there is no need to worry about what lies beneath the surface of the water. The surf is normally moderate in size, ranging from 1 to 3ft on a normal day. During local storms the waves have been said to reach 10ft in height, so those looking to surf overhead conditions could have a chance of catching good sized swell if you are in the right place at the right time.

More often than not the surf will be tame, creating a great atmosphere for those looking to learn how to surf or for just riding mellow cruiser waves. The local shops in the area offer a great selection of the latest surf equipment and apparel. The Board House is one of the many surf shops located a short distance from the beach. If you're looking to grab a rental the shop offers boards for $25 a day and $13 for half day rentals, for $35 a day you can give stand up paddle boarding a try if that seem to be more up your alley.

Once you have yourself set up for a day of surfing it's not a bad idea to head online and check out the web cams that offer a view of the ocean so you can make sure the conditions are on par with what you might like them to be. The Dunes resort offers a web cam with a view of the beachfront that can be accessed at any time of day. Not only can you check to see if the surf is good, but you can also look at parking availability and the overall amount of people that are residing on that beach. If you go to you can find in depth surf reports that provide information on the size of the waves you can expect, the wind conditions, tide charts, and forecasts for up to a week in advance. This along with the web cams of the area can be great tools to make sure your next surfing excursion goes as well as possible.

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