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Port Aransas Weather

Weather - Port Aransas, Texas

Port Aransas Weather is moderated by the Gulf of Mexico which heats up slowly and cools down slowly as well. In the summer the average high is in the 80s while the average high for winter months is in the 60s. Spring and fall record near perfect averages of mid to high 70s. In addition to moderate temperatures Port Aransas is on the semi-arid gulf coast which means that rain fall is moderate with an average of about 31 inches each year. Highest rain fall months are March, May and September with the least amount of precipitation occurring in July.

Port Aransas winter weather draws many Snowbirds (or Winter Texans, as some people prefer) to the town. With an average high temperature of 60 degrees and an average low of 50 degrees Port Aransas is a delightful retreat from the freezing, snowy weather of the northern states. In addition, November through February have, on average, the lowest precipitation levels. Water temperatures in winter average in the low 60's such that, with the right equipment, people can enjoy surfing, kayaking and wade fishing. For those who prefer to stay dry in winter, birding, walking the beach, fishing from dock and jetty are some of the popular ways to enjoy Port Aransas in the winter.

On the other side of the weather spectrum is summer in Port Aransas. Average summer temperatures are in the mid to high 80's with August being the hottest month. While temperatures can spike into the 90's in late summer, this is not an average high even then. Relatively moderate temperatures on the beach draw people from all over Texas, and beyond, to Port Aransas. Summer water temperatures average a soothing 82 degrees, a refreshing contrast to the air but not the shocking mid 60's that some northern beaches boast. Couple this with the second driest season of the year and there is a lot of sunshine available for splashing in the sea or playing around the town.

Spring and fall are often overlooked as far as beach going seasons are concerned. Port Aransas weather during these times is beautiful enough to encourage people to visit then as well. For the nature lover, these seasons of transition make Port Aransas an ideal place for bird watching and other nature activities.

March brings the spring equinox and warming temperatures. In spring some of Port Aransas's 31 inches of rain come bringing with them a greening of the earth. Even the rainy season is moderated here with only about 3 inches of rain each month from March until May. In Port Aransas, March showers will bring April flowers. Warmer temperatures also bring migrants heading north. For birders, March and April are excellent times to visit the town.

Autumn is typically the rainiest time on the Port Aransas weather calendar. September's and October's average rainfall is 5.5 and 4 inches, respectively. Water temperatures are starting to cool but they still hover near the 80s. Fishing, swimming, kayaking, and other water sports are still popular and don't generally require special equipment to compensate for cold air or water. Migratory birds are in the middle of their southern trip and those birds that make Port Aransas their winter home are starting to arrive as well. The first arrivals of a popular winter Texan, the Whooping Crane, begin showing up in mid to late October.

Average is, of course, a measure of how things balance out. Extreme temperatures at either end will cancel each other out and leave a middle number. Air temperatures have a greater range than water temperatures because air, and surface objects like roads and buildings, warm and cool quickly when compared to water. Because Port Aransas is at the northern tip of a narrow barrier island, it is all but surrounded by water. This water effect keeps the extremes of Port Aransas's air temperatures in check. In addition, the contrast between air temperatures and water temperatures sets up a natural air conditioner. As air warming over the land heats and rises, cooler air from the ocean takes its place creating the sea breeze that the Gulf is noted for. In the evening, the effect is reversed as the land cools and the water, which is still warm, heats the air above it. The strongest breezes will be in the late afternoon and evening and just before sunrise.

While Port Aransas has fairly stable, comfortable weather, year round, there can be some extreme weather events. Summer thunderstorms will occasionally form over the gulf, dropping heavy showers for a brief time some afternoons. Most weather events are predictable and can be dealt with, with a little planning.

The most challenging of Port Aransas's weather are tropical depressions and hurricanes that enter or form in the Gulf of Mexico. Official hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th. Hurricanes form when tropical depressions formed over the Atlantic or in the Gulf of Mexico are energized by warm air rising from warm gulf waters. Not all tropical storms turn into hurricanes, in fact, most do not. Furthermore, hurricanes are easily tracked once they do form. This allows people to prepare and take appropriate action. All Port Aransas business will have hurricane plans in place if it does appear that a hurricane is heading for the area. Tropical depressions typically bring little more than extreme high tides and heavy rains.

By far the most interesting of Port Aransas's unusual weather was the Christmas snow of 2004. Unusually cold temperatures combined with moist air brought about 4 to 6 inches of snow to the area that Christmas. Nearly everyone in the area, including the winter Texans, had fun with the Christmas surprise. For local children, it was the first, and possibly only, time they ever saw snow. Many people headed for the beach to walk and to build snowmen that they dressed with seaweed, shells, and star fish. The event was documented in the popular book "Snow: The South Texas Christmas Miracle".

With temperatures regulated by the relatively stable temperatures of the Gulf of Mexico, Port Aransas enjoys moderate temperatures throughout the year. With enough difference between summer and winter and a comfortable transition through spring and fall, Port Aransas weather is pleasant year round. People from all over the world come to Port Aransas to take advantage of the beautiful weather, miles of beaches and variety of outdoor activities.

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